Prince William School achieves prestigious mental health award

Prince William School achieves prestigious mental health award

Prince William School has been hailed a ‘shining light’ for its mental health support for both students and staff.

The school in Oundle, which is part of East Midlands Academy Trust, has achieved the prestigious LightBulb award from St Andrew’s Healthcare for demonstrating its commitment to wellbeing.

The certificate of mental health excellence was presented to Prince William School after a thorough assessment process. Among its strengths are The Hub, a safe space for pupils struggling with anxiety, Time-Out Cards permitting students a brief respite to regather and refocus, and Pupil Passports, concise one-page profiles detailing a student’s areas of need and recommended strategies to support them.

The school was also praised for its school counselling service, staff training, family engagement work and staff wellbeing sessions and activities.

Headteacher Elizabeth Dormor said: “Mental health and wellbeing has never been more important and, as a school, providing that support to both our students and our staff is a key priority.

“I’m delighted that our commitment to positive mental health has been recognised with this certificate of excellence and we can now continue to develop and improve the services available to our young people.”

Prince William School is the fourth school within East Midlands Academy Trust to receive the LightBulb award for mental health provision.

Cheryl Smith, LightBulb Founder and Headteacher of the St Andrew’s Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) College, said: “There can be many different reasons as to why a child can start to develop poor mental health. Poverty, parental separation or financial crisis have previously been identified as factors which can impact young people. In recent years, we’ve battled the pandemic and lockdown, but now we’re facing the cost of living crisis which can be equally worrying for children.

“Sometimes there may not even be a contributing factor, but what is vital is that adults who are responsible for that child are able to spot the signs early and take appropriate action.

“We firmly believe that prevention is power, which is why we launched LightBulb as we want to help young people better understand the way their mind works, so they can reach out and ask for help when they need it.

“Well done to everyone at Prince William School for their commitment to good mental health.”

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