Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

At East Midlands Academy Trust (EMAT) we believe that meeting every pupil’s needs is a shared responsibility and we are committed to offering an inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all of our pupils whatever their needs or abilities. We are passionate about all pupils receiving the best possible education and reaching their full potential, in line with their individual needs and abilities.

This means we endeavour to always provide a positive and nurturing environment whereby our pupils feel able to build upon their strengths and have the confidence to overcome their areas of development. We aim to identify and provide for pupils with SEND, focusing on the specific needs of the individual and endeavour to achieve maximum inclusion of all pupils. Our partnership with parents / carers is key to ensuring appropriate and effective SEND provision. We aim to ensure that each pupil is fully included in all aspects of academy life. Fundamental to this aim is the belief that each pupil has a right to access a broad, balanced, relevant and ambitious curriculum appropriate to their individual needs, along with full access to all extra-curricular activities on offer.

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Social communication departments

East Midlands Academy Trust opened a new social communication department in January 2023 at Castle Academy and Hardingstone Academy.

Developed in partnership with West Northamptonshire Council, there is a dedicated department for Key Stage 1 pupils with SEND called Caterpillar Pod at Castle Academy, while Hardingstone Academy caters for children in Key Stage 2 at Butterfly Meadow.

Find out more about Caterpillar Pod here.

Find out more about Butterfly Meadow here. 

We also established a new and improved social communication department for Orchard Academy and Shepherdswell Academy in January 2022.

The new facility was created by EMAT for pupils with identified special educational needs (SEN) and has merged the two departments at both schools.

The project was funded and delivered by Milton Keynes Council. Following a public vote a decision was made to call the new facility Aspen, which is in line with the Orchard theme of British trees.

Here are some before and after images of the new unit:



Find out more about Aspen here.

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