Pupil Parliament

We have launched our Pupil Parliament initiative as part of our commitment to put our pupils at the heart of everything we do.

All schools within the EMAT family now have at least two elected members who are attending regular sessions to debate upon meaningful and weighty matters of concern at their schools and local communities. We believe that all children have both the right and ability to help lead the Executive Team in shaping future initiatives which will affect their own education.

Through the development of their own leadership and communication skills, our Executive will be able to collect and respond to pupil voice and strengthen their understanding of what steps need to be taken to meet our vision statement that 'every child deserves to be the best that they can be'.

Through the Pupil Parliament pupils will be given the opportunity to bring the thoughts and ideas of their peer group to the forum. They will develop the belief in our schools that they have the right to an opinion but the responsibility to listen to others, preparing them for the next step in their education and their life beyond. The Parliament will have six meetings a year, three virtually for an hour and three half day sessions. The elder pupils will work with leaders to chair the meetings and to communicate the details of the discussions through the EMAT newsletter

Current Pupil Parliament members

Following elections, we are pleased to announce that the members of the 2022/23 EMAT Pupil Parliament are:

  • Northampton International Academy - Lexus, Kyla, Osamuedeme (secretary) and Nigel (vice-chair)
  • Prince William School - Elliot (chair), Scarlet and Bailee
  • Stimpson Avenue Academy - Arisha and Ryan
  • Hardingstone Academy - Jaylen and Halle
  • Castle Academy - Chloe and King
  • Shepherdswell Academy - Oscar and Jude
  • Orchard Academy - Agiyshan and Gavin

Expectations of members

  • As members of the EMAT Pupil Parliament we like to make sure that everyone is listened to, their voices and opinions are heard and that we respect the things that others are saying. We understand that we are role models for each other and the wider pupil body.
  • We will all listen to each other’s ideas
  • We will all participate
  • We will not talk over each other
  • We will not act inappropriately as we understand that this is an important meeting
  • We will try to make all EMAT schools the best they can be for all pupils, staff and parents
  • We will remember the values of EMAT and work towards the purpose of “Every child deserves to be the best that they can be”.
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