Happy 40th birthday Shepherdswell Academy

Happy 40th birthday Shepherdswell Academy

Pupils, staff and the wider school community have been celebrating the 40th birthday of Shepherdswell Academy in Milton Keynes. 

The school officially opened on 22nd April 1984 to serve the growing population in the surrounding areas of Springfield and Woolstone. It was originally called Shepherdswell First School and was headed up by the school’s first headteacher Mrs Brenda Iles. The school then converted to academy status in 2012 when it became known as Shepherdswell Academy.

Shepherdswell Academy continues to be a valued part of the local community, with more than 130 pupils aged 3 to 7 and at the end of last year the results of its latest Ofsted inspection were published which found the school to be Good overall and Outstanding in the personal development category. 

To mark the anniversary Shepherdswell Academy held a celebration party at the school on Friday 3rd May. 

Executive Headteacher for Shepherdswell Academy Ruth Ryan and Head of School Ellen Williams said:  “Like most schools, Shepherdswell Academy has seen lots of changes over the past 40 years, but what has stayed the same is the fantastic sense of community, and the hundreds of pupils, staff and families who have all helped to make it such a special place.  

“We’re very proud of the school so did not want to miss this opportunity to bring everyone together to celebrate this anniversary, and we look forward to the next chapter as we continue to ensure that the children are at the heart of everything we do.” 


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