Zoe McIntyre

Executive Headteacher, Hardingstone Academy, Stimpson Avenue Academy and Castle Academy, and EMAT Lead for Teaching, Learning and Training

Working in education for over 25 years, initially as a teacher and then as a leader, has shown me the positive impact we can have on children’s lives. I therefore feel privileged to be part of East Midlands Academy Trust.  

As the Executive Headteacher of schools with differing demographics and contexts, I believe that all children deserve to be surrounded by a team who work together to provide each of them with the highest of aspirations and the mindset that anything is possible.  

I am driven to ensure that all who work within each school are prepared to provide all children with high quality teaching and learning, new experiences and opportunities, knowing and taking into account their interests and talents, thus enabling children to flourish in a safe and happy educational environment. An environment where they can be themselves, believing that no matter what their background may be, there are no limits to what they can and will achieve. 

That is what inspires me to be a #EMATter.

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